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Welcome to the first issue of Saving Earth Magazine
In December of 2019, I decided to make a change. I was tired of feeling helpless every time I thought about the state of our planet. I was tired of the endless bad news and disasters. Inspired by those who were already making a difference, I, too, wanted to do something tangible. It was in those moments I realized that we all have the ability to create the world we want to see if enough of us come together to make it a priority. While fires raged in Australia bringing shocking images of devastation, Greta Thunberg and other young people stood up for hope and change. There have always been people willing to stand up for the planet, but now small groups of protestors are growing and will continue to grow until they overshadow the people who oppose environmental protections and animal rights for their own financial gain.

In my opinion, the very idea that financial markets and the natural world are two opposites on the spectrum of our ability to live in abundance lacks vision. Throughout history, we have seen the evolution of humankind thanks to discoveries of new energy sources, new ways of living, and positive societal developments. We must accept the need to evolve once more and adapt to a new vision of living in harmony with our planet and with respect for all living things. Already there are companies and individuals who are rising to this challenge and proving that this is, indeed possible. New technologies and green businesses are creating a path to a better future that includes jobs and new economic opportunities. We, at Saving Earth Magazine, look forward to highlighting the work, passion and expertise of exactly these people.

Unfortunately, as we moved into 2020, in the midst of this project being born, the worst disaster yet was approaching and is still here with us as I write in late April. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Let us all take a moment to think of those who have passed and those who have suffered. Let it not be in vain. Let us not emerge from our worldwide quarantine without having learned some hard lessons and without finally seeing that we have to make global level changes to the way we live. I would like to dedicate this first issue of Saving Earth Magazine to those who have lost their lives to COVID-19. Let us stand in your memory to make this world a better place.

– Teena Clipston, Editor-in-Chief of Saving Earth Magazine

In this issue

  • Our Relationship with Nature by Dean Unger page 6

  • Emerging Zoonotic Diseases by Teena Clipston page 10

  • Plasticsphere by Sergio Izquierdo page 14

  • The Political Environment by Nathan Niehuus page 22

  • Zero Waste Living by Kayla Bruce page 26

  • Protecting Baja by Jay Clue page 30

  • The Age of Anthropocene by Dawna Mueller page 38

  • Direct-Air Capture by Cassie Pearse page 44

  • How Mangroves, Seagrasses & Coral Reefs Provide Life by Emma Rodgers & Rebecca Daniel page 48

  • Ocean Life Could Rebound in 30 Years by David Suzuki page 54

  • Best Seat for Aurora Borealis by Roslyne Buchanan page 56

  • Reinventing Farming by Monique Tamminga page 60

  • New Technology Offers a Future by Björn Hedlund-Länta page 64

  • How to Save the Planet & Yourself by Gundi Rhoades page 70

  • Insect Apocalypse by Scott Hoffman Black page 74

Featured Articles

  • Direct-Air-Capture: Turning CO2 into Fuel with Carbon Engineering

    I spoke to Steve Oldham, CEO of Carbon Engineering, a Canada-based clean energy company that is leading the commercialization of Direct-Air-Capture (DAC) technology. DAC removes CO₂, the primary greenhouse gas responsible for climate change, from the air and either turns it into a ready to use clean fuel or buries it safely underground.


    Welcome to the Anthropocene age - we have now reached a new epoch as a direct result of our human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. The consequences of this can be seen everywhere from the extinction of species, to ocean acidification and increasing global temperatures accelerating the melting of polar ice caps and the reduction of Arctic sea ice. The focus of this article is to examine the effect of anthropogenic climate change in the cryosphere, specifically in the Arctic and Antarctica.

  • Our Relationship with Nature: The Challenge Ahead of Us

    We have come so far from the natural world - from the nature of nature - that we’ve become “apart from” or “other than”, insulated in our rooms and buildings and cities, with an immeasurable layer of concrete between the soles of our feet and the living earth.


Teena Clipston, publisher of Saving Earth Magazine, has completed the Climate Reality Project Leadership Training with former Vice-President Al Gore and the Climate Reality Team. “I am excited to be a new Climate Reality Leader and intend to make climate matters a priority in Saving Earth’s pages...

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